Use Arm Away when no one will be home. Exterior doors and windows are protected; interior areas can be monitored by motion detectors, if installed. 

Use Arm Stay to protect exterior doors and windows when the house will be occupied. Interior motion detectors are inactive.

Arm Away and Arm Stay are always available when the system is healthy. These arming modes are accessible from the app's Home screen or the onscreen keypad. They can also be initiated by Voice Control on compatible Android devices. If you are using an Android device, see the FAQ What functions can I control with voice commands? 

Other arming modes are available on the app only through the onscreen keypad, including:
  • Arm Custom: Allows you to arm the system with pre-selected sensors/zones Bypassed.  
  • Arm Night Stay: Not available on all systems. Enabled by your installer and used only with interior motion sensors. For times when the house is occupied; protects perimeter zones and monitors pre-programmed interior motion sensors. Other interior zones are unprotected. 
  • Arm Max: Same as Arm Away, but with NO entry warning. An alarm sounds instantly when any zone is breached.  
  • Arm Instant: For times when Entry/Exit doors are not expected to open at all. When the system is armed in this mode, an alarm sounds instantly when any exterior zone is breached. 
Fire/Smoke/CO (carbon monoxide) sensors cannot be bypassed or suspended.