Notifications keep you informed of events  in your system.   

In this context, event means a change in the condition of the system's sensors and other devices, including the control panel itself. This includes Open/Close and Trouble conditions in sensors, changes to automation Devices and video recordings (also still-image captures) triggered by your system's sensors and devices.  
For more information on Events, see the FAQ What is an Event?

Your Remote Service creates two kinds of Notifications:
  • Notifications by email and/or SMS/text messages, which are set up on the Remote Services website.
  • Push notifications, which appear on mobile devices whether or not the Remote Service app is currently being used. Push notifications are set up on each individual mobile device working with your account.
For more information, see the FAQ What's the difference between Email Notifications and Push Notifications?

The other FAQs in this section explain how to set up  Notifications on the Remote Service/Total Connect website, on the Android app and on the iOS app.

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