To access this list, go to Settings > Notification.

The Notifications list displays all of the notifications set up for the system  at a given Location, along with the group of email recipients who will be notified. 

To turn off or delete a notification, click Select Action.

To change the settings of a notification in the list (or turn it off or delete it), click on its name:

A page of settings appears. If you make changes, you will be prompted to save them before exiting. 

If you turn off a notification , it will move to the Off  part of the page. 

To create a Notification:
At top right, click the Add Notification button .

In the New Notification window, clicknext to Notification Category for a dropdown menu of choices. 

Choose the type of event you want to be notified about and the conditions and devices that will trigger the notification you're creating. 

For more information, see the FAQ "Creating a Notification". 

To select the type(s) of Notification displayed:
At top right, click the Filter button .