Total Connect/Remote Services App Updates

March 2024:

iOS and Android app versions 6.39.1

  • Error-handling and user-interface improvements for compatible cameras

  • General maintenance and bug fixes

December 2023:

iOS and Android app versions 6.37.1

  • Support for the new AlarmNet 360 12-device video storage plan has been added

  • Speedier switching to recorded video when monitoring live video

  • New languages added for the Weather display on the app

  • As always, there are Bug Fixes and Improvements under the hood

November 2023

iOS and Android app versions 6.36.2

  • A doorbell press on compatible connected video doorbells now plays a chime tone on the user's phone

  • When viewing a video event clip, the user can now quickly jump to live video

  • Added user ratings of package detection accuracy

  •  Bug fixes and minor enhancements


For more details about previous releases, see each app's Version History.

We're always cooking up new features, improvements and bug fixes. Check back here for periodic updates.

If you use our iOS or Android apps, we strongly recommend updating to the current version to take advantage of the latest enhancements on your phone or tablet.

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  • On Android, start with the    menu and select Help to see the FAQs