Only Administrators can work with Locations. If you are not logged in as an Administrator, Locations will not appear on the website or in the apps.

When you edit a Location's information, the system displays the same access information as seen on  your My Profile page.

Please note that the Locations screens display your access information for only the selected Location, whereas the My Profile screen displays all Locations to which you have access (and if you're an Administrator, you have access to all the Locations on your account).

Editing the information for a Location is limited to the premises' name, address, time zone and your choice of temperature units (F or C) displayed on the interface. See the FAQ How do I manage the Locations in my Remote Services account? for more information on editing the particulars of Location information.

You can also change the personal user code that gives you access to the Location whether you're using Remote Services or operating the physical control panel on the premises.

What cannot be edited by any user (including Admins) is the list of Modules. Each Module in the list represents an optional service your account uses, such as support for video doorbells and door locks controlled through the remote service.

To add or change services you're subscribed to, contact your security professional.