To sign into the Remote Service app with Touch ID:

  • Launch the Remote Service app
  • When prompted, touch (not a full press) the device's Home button with a finger that is registered on the device. 

To enable Touch ID for the app:

First, consult Apple's instructions on setting up Touch ID for all of the apps on your device.

Once Touch ID is enabled for the device as a whole, you can set the Remote Service app to sign you in with your fingerprint.

  • Launch the Remote Service app. If Touch ID is not enabled for the app, you will need to enter a username and password.
    • You can check Keep me signed in if you wish
  • Touch SIGN IN
  • Press  More at lower right and select Settings, then Touch ID.
  • To enable the feature, set the switch to on:
  • The Remote Service app can now log you in with Touch ID, using any finger that is registered on the device.
  • Touch Back in the upper left corner to return to previous screens. (Hint: Don't keep tapping that spot without paying attention, because you might inadvertently hit the Sign Out button that will eventually appear in the same place.)