Creating a new User includes contact information for sending Notifications.

Depending on the type of control panel in your system, you may have a 4-digit or 6-digit user code.

Note that Panel Only users cannot receive Notifications; when setting up a Panel Only user, no contact information is required.

Creating a new User on the Website:

1. On the left side of the screen, locate Users. Beneath it, select Invite New User.
2. Select the level of access the new User will have:
  • Admin: Administrators can create new users, delete users or disable users without deleting them from the system. Administrators can also initiate User Sync operations. (See the FAQ Why are there different types of users? for general information about user types and the FAQ What is User Sync? for more about synchronizing your system's records with the remote service.)
  • Standard users can log into a remote services account from the website or mobile apps to control certain features and functions. However, Standard users cannot create, delete or modify other users’ access to the system.
    • Your security professional may refer to Standard users as "normal" or "regular" users.
  • Panel Only users cannot log in to remote services and can only operate the system control panel at a given Location. As mentioned above, Panel Only users cannot access Remote Services and hence do not receive Notifications. Therefore no contact information is required when adding this type of user to the system.
3. After you select a user type, the New User page appears. (Note that you can skip the step of creating a thumbnail image for the person).
  • Enter the user's first and last names
  • Select a username
  • Select a language
  • Choose 12 or 24 hour time.
  • Decide if you want the system to Prompt for user code.
    • With this switch set to On, Arming or Disarming the system from a mobile device or the website requires the user to enter their 4- or 6-digit user code.
    • With the switch set to Off, the mobile app or web browser automatically sends the person's user code for any operation that requires one, with no need to enter it manually.
  • Click Continue.
4. Next, provide an email address so the user can receive Notifications. You can also designate a mobile phone number so Notifications can be sent by SMS/Text message. Click CONTINUE.

NOTE that this is all you need for a user to receive Notifications. New user setup continues below, but see the FAQ What are Notifications and how do I manage them? for more information on fine-tuning what kinds of things you want each user to be notified about.

5. On the User Access page, use the checkboxes to set the features the user will be able to operate. If the account has more than one Location, the initial view may look something like this:
  • You can SELECT ALL locations but in any case, click the arrow(s) to expand the selection and display details.
  • Click the checkbox next to the devices associated with each location (for example, garage doors and lighting in a home, or motion sensors at a business).
  • After selecting a location(s) where the new user has access, the User Code field can be filled in. To assign a User Code, click in the User Code field and enter a unique sequence of 4 or 6 numbers from 0 - 9.  
    • You will have the option to set this code for use in multiple Locations on your account, or just for the Location where you are currently setting up the new user's access.
    See the FAQ What are User Codes? for more information on how these codes are used.
6. Click CREATE USER. A Welcome Email notification appears confirming that new user(s) will be notified. The recipient must click the link in the message to validate the email address and set a password. Rules for creating a secure password are shown.

7. Click OK. The Users list displays the user you have added.


Click GO TO EVENTS; the Events list will confirm that synchronization of user information has begun between your Remote Services and each Location's system.