The common area of a partitioned system is a part of the premises shared by users of all the system's partitions. One example of a common area would be the lobby in an office building.

  • Common areas are configured at the system control panel by your security professional. Settings for a common area in Remote Services must match the configuration that was established in the panel. Making these settings in Remote Services will not pass the configuration to the panel.
  • Common areas can be protected by sensors and other devices, but are governed by unique criteria for arming and disarming.
  • Typically, security in a common area cannot be armed until all other partitions in the system are armed.
  • By the same logic, common areas are typically disarmed automatically when one partition is disarmed. 
In some systems, these conditions can be modified in the system panel's programming.

If an error message appears when you try to arm a common area, consult your security professional.