We recommend that you check these items:
  • Is the system panel for each Location synced? Panel Sync must be complete for Remote Services to configure Partitions.
  • Does your account still have duplicate user codes? (Most users will have had the option to skip the step of resolving duplicates.) You (or your dealer) can check for duplicate user codes on the Users list for each Location in your account.
    • Duplicate codes are indicated by this red symbol next to a user’s thumbnail image. On mouse-hover, the explanation “This user code is associated with multiple users” also appears.
  • Did you select “LATER” instead of “CONFIGURE NOW” on the Enable Partitions popup? That popup appears only once, immediately after Partitions become available on your system:
    However, you can pick up the process later; look for the blue "ENABLE PARTITIONS" button on the Security page:
  • Does your Location have a control panel that works with multiple Partitions? Compatible panels include:
    • VISTA-20P
    • VISTA-20PSIA
    • VISTA-21iP
    • VISTA-21iPSIA
    • VISTA-128BPT
    • VISTA-250BPT
    • VISTA-128FBPT
    • VISTA-250FBPT
    • VISTA-32FBPT
    • The respective Canadian and Latin American versions of these panels.