In these FAQs, the terms biometric identification and biometric security mean your phone or tablet's method for unlocking the device using your fingerprint or facial image instead of a password or PIN.

The Total Connect app offers the option of using the same biometric identification for log-in. You can continue logging in to the app with a password if you prefer.


  • Biometric security options appear only on devices with the required hardware and software.
  • Configuring biometric security on your device and enabling the Total Connect app to use biometric security are two different things.
  • For initial setup of biometric security on the device itself, refer to the Help resources available from the device manufacturer or your cellular carrier.
  • These instructions assume that a face or fingerprint is already set up to unlock your device in the device's Settings.

To enable biometric security in the Total Connect app, take these steps:

  • Launch the app and log in.
  • Touch then  Settings, then  Security
  • The Security screen will ask Use biometric sign-in?
  • Move the slide switch to the right so it shows blue .
  • The app will ask you to select the face scan or fingerprint you previously set up for unlocking your device.
  • Next, the app requests confirmation that you want to use this identification method with Total Connect.
  • Touch the Confirm button and login continues.