You can add multiple users to an account using a pre-configured template. Each user added in this way needs the same information as users created individually, but entering multiple users via the spreadsheet can save you some time.

To get the most out of this feature, you should understand the basic user creation process, discussed in the FAQ titled “How do I add, set up and delete Users? (User Management)”.


  • This feature is available only on the Remote Services website
  • If you are using Internet Explorer, you must designate your Remote Services as a Trusted Site in order to use the multiple user upload feature. See the FAQ How do I make Remote Services a Trusted Site?
  • If you stop in the middle of this process, any users whose information has been saved with the CREATE USER button will be added to the system. Others will not, but the information in the spreadsheet on your PC will remain available.

To begin

  • As seen below, click Add New User on the website's left-hand menu  
  • Next, click Add Multiple Users
  • The User Upload page appears.
  • Click the template-file.xslx link and save the downloaded file to your system.

Open the file

  • Use Microsoft Excel or a compatible spreadsheet program.

Enter user information

First and Last Names, User name

In columns A, B and C, you can enter free-form text.
  • Both first and last names are required for all users
  • No user name is required for Panel Only users.

User Type, Language, Time format, Prompt for User Code

In columns D through G, use the dropdowns built into the template.
  • Designate a User Type for everyone you add to the system
  • Select a Notification Language for all Admin and Standard users
  • Select 12- or 24-hour Time Format for all Admin and Standard users
  • Select a Prompt for User Code setting for all Admin and Standard users. Please see the FAQ titled “What does "Prompt for User Code" mean?” for more about this setting.  


  • A valid email address is required for all Admin and Standard users.

Save the file

When you’re done entering user information, the spreadsheet should look something like this:

Upload the file

Use the Select File button to upload the template spreadsheet to Remote Services.

Complete the information

When the upload is finished, the familiar user creation process appears, starting with the first person in the spreadsheet. The first two pages of the user’s information have been filled in from the spreadsheet.
  • Continue with User Access by selecting the Locations and the services this person should have access to.


You’ll need to select one of the Location checkboxes before setting a User Code
Your browser may mistakenly offer to enter one of your stored passwords. If this happens, ignore it.
Enter a new, unique 4- or 6-digit user code.
  • When you’ve completed all the required selections, click CREATE USER.

At lower right, the system confirms that this user has been created and the User Access screen appears for the next person in the spreadsheet.

  • Repeat the same steps as above until the process is completed for the last person in the spreadsheet.
A message appears, confirming that Welcome emails have been sent to the newly created users.
  • If you’d like, click the link to visit the Events log