Sometimes emergency responders are dispatched for false alarms.

Sometimes response is delayed while dispatchers verify that an alarm signal represents a real emergency.

Alarm Cancel/Verify allows users to quickly confirm that an alarm is real or  to cancel an alarm that has been set off by mistake or a malfunction.
When an alarm occurs (intrusion, fire or carbon monoxide), the app displays a Cancel button, Dispatch slider and 2-minute timer seen below.
During those 2 minutes, the user can assess the situation on-scene and verify the emergency or cancel the alarm. When the delay has elapsed, the option disappears.
  • To verify that the alarm is real and call for help, move the DISPATCH slider to the right.
  • To cancel, firmly tap the CANCEL button.
These actions notify your central station to send help immediately or cancel the alert.


  • The act of confirming or cancelling cannot be undone.
  • Fire and CO (carbon monoxide) alarms cannot be cancelled from the app, only confirmed. In these situations, only the Dispatch slider appears.
  • The Cancel button and Dispatch slider work independently of other Clear and Cancel