• For iPhone X and later models

    To use Face ID with the Remote Services/Total Connect/M.Connect app, Face ID must first be set up and enabled on your iOS device.

    This guide to the necessary settings is based on iOS Version 13. The iOS operating system is frequently updated, but the settings will probably remain similar to what you see here.
    • The Face ID & Passcode settings govern which apps and features can be accessed with Face ID. Important Apple features native to your device are grouped at the top.
    1. First, make sure Face ID is set up on your iPhone or iPad. (Consult Apple's instructions about setting up Face ID on your device.)
    2. Next, open Settings . Find Face ID & Passcode ; you may need to enter your passcode to access these settings.
    3. Find and select Other Apps. Note that the apps are listed alphabetically; in this example, the Remote Services app is called TC 2.0.
    4. Scroll to find your version of the app and tap the slide switch to enable Face ID for use with Remote Services.

    To sign into the Remote Service app with Face ID:

    • Launch the Remote Services app
    • When prompted, look at your device's screen.