There are several possible reasons why you're logged in but can't arm/disarm.
  • If you're being prompted for a user code, you may be entering it entering it incorrectly.
  • If you're not being prompted for a user code, the Remote Service may be configured to require a different code than the one programmed into your control panel.
  • You may be entering a user code correctly, but that code might be set up to impose restrictions on what you can do.
If you have verified your user code, but still cannot arm/disarm the system, your security panel may have a communication problem.
  • If you are at the system's location with access to the panel, check the display for alerts about loss of Wi-Fi or cellular connection.
  • If your panel has a removable communication device, you can try re-seating it in its connector.(Consult your system's documentation before trying this!)
  • Try rebooting your system's control panel (Consult the panel's documentation if you don't know how)
If none of this helps, contact the security professional who installed your system.