In a word, yes.

User lists can be exported as .PDF, .CSV or .XLS (Excel) files.

NOTE that lists and logs can only be exported from the Remote Services website.
  • On the All Users screen, click at upper right
  • Next, choose which type of users to include: Administrators (including Partition Managers), Standard users, Panel Only users or any combination of the four
  • Next, select the status of users to include in the exported list: Not Synced, Needs Verification or those with duplicate user codes, or any combination
  • Click CONTINUE
  • Select the file format of your exported list: .PDF, Excel or .CSV
  • Click EXPORT
  • As the warning message says, don't refresh the web page or log out of the site until the file is downloaded.
  • Selecting the Excel option will produce a file in the older .xls format to insure compatibility with the greatest number of Excel users.