How to resolve the Setup/Programming Error in Remote Services

This error means the Remote Service has not received an initial status update from your security panel. 

Try this first:

Arm and Disarm the security system from the panel.  If all programming and setup is correct, the error should clear within a couple of minutes and the error message will be replaced by the current panel status. 

If the problem persists:

  • Security system end-users: Please contact your dealer/installer and share the
    information in this FAQ.  Your security professional will be able to confirm and make any necessary corrections to the programming for your Remote Services account. 
  • Security professionals: The short Help videos listed below will help you resolve this error.  Please take a moment to review the video applicable to your customer’s system.

On Lynx and Lyric systems:

On Vista Residential (Vista-20p, Vista-21IP):

On Vista Commercial (Vista-128BPT/250BPT):