These instructions apply to email notifications only. Push Notifications that appear on your mobile device must be enabled in the Remote Services app on the device itself.  

Website: Click My Profile. Find these settings at upper right on the My Profile screen.
iOS: Touch More, then My Profile
Android: Touch the menu, then Settings, then My Profile
  • Depending on the size of your mobile device's screen, you may have to scroll down for Email Notifications.
  • To add a destination, touch ADD EMAIL or ADD SMS. Enter the address and tap SAVE.  
  • Tap to update your profile and then OK.  
  • When VALIDATE NOW appears next to (or under) the new address, click it and check your email (or text app) for a confirmation message.  
  • Click the link provided in the email or copy the validation key in the message and paste it into this box on the website and click SUBMIT.
  • After making any change to these settings, tap SAVE.