You may be trying to bypass items such as Temperature or  Fire/Police/Medical.

These entries appear in the system's sensor list, but cannot be Bypassed. They do not represent devices like door and window sensors. Rather, they correspond with other system functions that may need to signal an Alarm.

Only items with a rectangular or circular checkbox on the sensor list can be selected for Bypass. In the examples below, note that the lines for Fire, Police and Temperature cannot be selected.

On the website, the checkbox displays the selection.

Sensor list on website

Sensor list on iOS app (left) and Android app (right)


  • Remember that smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) sensors cannot be Bypassed for safety reasons.
  • If you are not the System Administrator, you may be in a category of users with restrictions on what you can do in the system. See the FAQ Why are there different types of users? What are they? for more information.
  • In some systems, sensors can be programmed by the installer so they can't be Bypassed.  (Something like this should only have been set up at the owner's request.)
  • If you cannot Bypass other types of sensors, contact your security professional for help.