A Duress alarm can be triggered from the app's on-screen keypad. 

(Scroll down for a picture of the Keypad.)

See the important notes below the keypad diagram!

To trigger the Duress function

  • With the system armed: Press Disarm on the Home screen. When the on-screen keypad appears, enter your system's Duress code.
  • With the system not armed: On the  menu, select Keypad and enter your system's Duress code followed by the 1 key for Off.
In either situation, the system appears to disarm normally; there is no audible alarm and no indication on the panel or the Remote Service app. However, a Duress code is sent to your central monitoring station. Duress alarms appear as normal "Disarmed" events in the Remote Service's Events log.  


  • Your system must be connected to a central station for the Duress function to work.
  • To use Duress with the system armed, the Remote Service app on your device must be set to Prompt for User Code (see below for this setting).

Setting the app to "Prompt for User Code"

  • On the  menu, press Settings.
  • Select Security. On the Security settings screen, slide the switch to the right.
See your control panel's documentation for setting the system's Duress code.