Please note that the availability of the virtual Keypad varies with the type of control panel running your system. Systems based on certain control panels don't offer an onscreen keypad of this type.

The on-screen or virtual keypad duplicates most functions of the keypad on your security system's main panel.  You can use the virtual Keypad to Arm/Disarm and cancel/clear/dismiss some alarms, along with other actions. Consult your security panel's documentation for more information.

Note that Remote System on-screen keypads cannot trigger Panic functions or clear/cancel Fire and CO alarms in the same manner as a keypad on the system's control panel.

To access the virtual Keypad:

Website: Click the button to the right of the Disarmed/Armed shield icon.

iOS and Android apps: Touch the word Keypad above and to the right of the Disarmed/Armed icon.

On the Android app, you can also access the virtual keypad from the   menu.  Touch the menu button at upper left and then select Keypad.