Sync (short for data Synchronization) means the Remote Service and your security panel comparing and reconciling their records of important information.

Your security professional sets a preference for which one “wins” when the Remote Service and the control panel disagree.

Synchronization is required after any of these changes in your system: 
  • Addition or deletion of a sensor
  • Changing the name of a sensor
  • Addition or deletion of an Automation device
  • Changing the name of an Automation device
  • Addition or deletion of a User or change in a User’s privileges
  • Changing a User Code or the system’s Duress code
The Remote Service reconciles data in two distinct ways: Panel Sync and User Sync.

See the FAQ titled What’s the difference between Panel Sync and User Sync?

Please remember:

  • Panel Sync can’t occur when the system is armed
  • On Vista systems, User Sync can be started manually while the system is armed.
  • On Lyric systems and most Lynx systems, both Panel Sync and User Sync occur automatically
  • Sync can be started manually only from the Remote Service mobile app(s) or website.
  • Sync operations cannot be initiated from the system panel.
  • Sync can be started manually only by the System Administrator/Master User and other Administrators